dimanche 3 août 2008

Eurozine - problèmes de "translation of cultures"

Je découvre : le réseau Eurozine. Base institutionnelle à Vienne - et produit d'une Europe du XXIème qui sent encore ses racines dans la Mitteleuropa? Présentation tirée du site :

The philosophy: translation of cultures

Whenever European culture is discussed today, its diversity is evoked with near euphoria. The true challenge is to take diversity seriously and make room for new perspectives -- whether in word or thought. Only a rich and freewheeling dialogue has the potential to forge a common identity and put it to the proof.
Cultural journals are the sector of the media that most closely approximates a definition of the European public space. These journals are part of a genuinely international debate, spreading political, philosophical, aesthetic, and cultural thought between languages. In bringing the panorama of European cultural journals to an international public, Eurozine stimulates a common cultural discourse among an international readership.
Translation is the key to creating a European public space that respects diversity. By translating texts into one of the widely-spoken European languages, Eurozine creates the possibility for texts to be understood and valued outside of their original context.

La liste des liens est riche de frayages européens. A entrer.
Parmi les revues partenaires, Esprit et Multitudes en France (Pascale Casanova dans l'Advisory Board), Edinburgh Review, Index on Censorship et New Humanist au UK.

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